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2022 GDUSA Award Winner

2022 American Graphic Design Award Winner

I’m excited to announce that one of my projects from 2022 has been awarded an
American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA Magazine!


The American Graphic Design Awards is a national competition that spotlights areas of excellence for creative professionals. It is the original competition from GDUSA magazine open to everyone in the creative community honoring outstanding work of all kinds across all media in the realm of graphic design. Over 14,000 entries were submitted, and 750 (less than 10%) were chosen as winners. Since 1963, GDUSA has been a business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals.


Each year, I choose a few projects to submit for consideration. My 2022 winner is:


Monadnock Paper Mills Corporate Social Responsibility Report Cover - 2022 American Graphic Design Awards Winner



Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Category: Annual Reports and Corporate Collateral

32-page perfect bound book with diecut slipcase.


The task was to design an engaging, creative visual story of Monadnock Paper Mills’ practice of and commitment to social responsibility. We used photographs from the Monadnock Region where the mill is located and from Mt. Monadnock itself to help tell this story.


The black slipcase features a diecut in the profile shape of Mt. Monadnock. The idea behind this is that seeing the mountain’s profile is the initial experience you have with a mountain. Before the slipcase is removed, you see the mountain with the beautiful sunset from the base. As you remove the slipcase, the profile turns into a sunset view from the top of the mountain. This creates a beautiful juxtaposition of beginning and end with views from different perspectives. It also brings a feeling of transparency and peeling back the layers, which is the entire premise behind a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report.


We used several diecut fold down panels and a gate fold trail map table of contents to further make the experience feel like an exploration of the report content.


Not only did I get to be extra creative with the design and user experience, I was also the photographer for much of the imagery. For a deep, behind-the-scenes look into the design process, visit the case study here.


It’s always an honor to be an GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards winner.

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