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Luxury Comes in Many Shades

Clients: Monadnock Paper Mills and Spectrum Packaging.

The objective of this project was to demonstrate the nuances of ink and embellishments on a variety of surfaces and how to specify paper for packaging projects. Working with a team of Monadnock Paper Mills and Spectrum packaging behind me, I got to flex my creative muscles and challenge the printing and engineering teams.


This package includes several components –
a tray box, 9 mini boxes, a wrap slipcase, and an information insert.


The Must-Haves:

Create a promotional tool that incorporates 9 different paper box board stocks.

Use a variety of interesting printing techniques.

The artwork needed to speak to an array of industries from CBD to luxury goods to tech gadgets.

Demonstrate how paper choice can influence the look and feel of a design and brand.

I was challenged to integrate all of that into an elegant and interactive composition of boxes within boxes encased in a beautiful wrap.



The Final Product:

The full package is 9×9″. The mini boxes are 2.8″ cubes. The size of the piece feels substantial, but is comfortable to hold. The concept is playful and educational at the same time. The collection of 9 mini boxes forms a cube puzzle featuring an illustration of a grand old tree. The goal with this artwork was to highlight the differences between the papers in a way that will help customers choose the right paper for their project. To show that, we used the same tree illustration with different colors and printing techniques on each side.


Cube Puzzle


The outer wrap not only provides protection for the samples inside, but delivers a fun experience with revealing messaging, branding and product information. It is printed on a cotton paper has a beautiful tactile, toothy feel. The UV gloss on the word “Luxury” is a beautiful contrast to the cotton paper.


spot UV gloss coating on cotton paper


Printing and Production:

All components were printed offset. We used white underprint, double hits of PMS 382, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, spot UV coatings, and soft touch coating. To say this was a complicated project from a production standpoint is an understatement!

Monadnock and I hopped on a plane down to Orlando, FL and spent 2 days at Spectrum on the press check. We carefully reviewed every form as they came off the press to ensure every piece of this puzzle came out perfect.


Press Check