HIGHdegree Branding

Client: Polyonics

Polyonics was launching a new product line in an up-and-coming product category of labels and tags for metal manufacturing. The challenge was to speak to an industry about a new inventory tracking system that they didn’t know they needed. I was tasked to come up with a name and design visuals for this new sub brand that fit into the existing Polyonics system, but that had it a life of its own.


The name “HIGHdegree” is inspired by the product’s capability to withstand extreme heat without compromising the readability of information printed on the labels and tags. It’s simple, concise and explains the product’s relationship to heat. It offers opportunity to build campaigns and fun headlines that play off of the name.


The logo uses the same typeface as the Polyonics brand, with a different style treatment.


Overall, the sub brand fits well within the existing Polyonics visual system, and has a dynamic voice.